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Weight Loss Programmes
Happy Weight Programme for 12 weeks €1,500
Happy Weight Programme for 8 week €1,000
Nutrition Consultations
Package of 2 consultations

1 x initial 90-minute consultation with resources

Plus 2 x 30 minute follow up consultations

Corporate Nutrition
1 hour nutrition talk at your workplace Bespoke prices available

If you have health insurance your dietetic consultations may be reimbursed in full or in part. Check your policy for further details.

As a registered dietitian I am qualified and trained in all areas of diet that may effect your health.

I do not offer one off appointment, as it has been shown (and I have seen in practice) they do not help people make changes.

The aim of all of my consultations is to help them create permanent changes and a bespoke way of eating, designed around their body and their life.

This means a minimum of 1 follow up appointment is required.

Dietary consultation topics

  • Coeliac disease & a gluten free diet
  • Healthy diet for Type 2 diabetes
  • Food intolerances
  • IBS
  • Weight gain
  • Dietary MOT – sports and health

I book in all consultations for 90minutes and follow ups 45minutes.

I will take some information from you by phone before consultation.

In your consultation you will receive a written plan as well as any other necessary dietary resources you may need.

Depending on the severity of the condition or how serious you are about overcoming it follow up consultations are highly recommended.

How do I pay?

Payment by cash or bank transfer

Check with your health insurance policy to see if you can claim back some or all of the cost.

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The 12 Week Happy Weight Programme is my most popular programme and ensures the most support and success with your weight loss.

Price : €1,500

I have been cultivating and editing this programme over the last 8 years to achieve the best results with every type of client.

What the programme includes

  • Bespoke food plan
  • Bespoke mindset support to create a permanent change in outlook & motivation
  • 90minute initial consultation
  • Full Body Composition Analysis
  • 40 page bespoke programme folder with nutrition & mindset information
  • 2 consultations per week for 12 weeks (a mix of phone & in person)
  • Monitored online food diary with feedback
  • Access to over 100 recipes
  • Access to hypnotherapy recordings
  • Hypnotherapy and/or guided meditation sessions, that will be recorded + sent to you for repeated listening.
  • 1KG weight loss standard results*

* Binge eaters and those with long term issues with food may lose weight over a longer period of time in order to overcome diet, regain pattern. The focus of all programmes is a changed outlook and relationship with food and weight so that you can continue to lose weight after the programme or maintain the weight lost.

Other versions of the programme

I offer an 8 week version of this programme for people who want to lose less than 8kg and require less support overcoming issues with food. (€1,000)

I offer a 12 week Couples version of the programme, where both people get support over 12 weeks in a joint programme (€2,000)

I offer a 12 week Exercise version of the programme that includes 1 session per week with personal trainer and former Olympian, Gillian O Sullivan. (€2,000)

Who is the Happy Weight Programme suitable for?

Anyone who is overweight. It doesn’t matter how overweight you are, or how long you’ve been that overweight. ANYONE can lose weight with the right support, and keep that weight off permanently once they change their approach.

What kind of diet is it?

I am a dietitian so there does not have to be a specific approach that I use, I can accommodate any likes, dislikes, intolerances, preferences and adapt to suit your schedule & cooking level. The emphasis will be on unprocessed naturally occurring foods. Week 1 of the programme is designed to break sugar addiction and sugar cravings. There isn’t 1 food that you HAVE to eat or HAVE to avoid in order to lose weight. The aim of the programme is to equip you with all information you need to know about what nutrition your body needs & why it needs it.

Long term results

The aim is to help you develop a way of eating, a style of eating & a relationship with food so that your weight loss is sustainable. As well as giving you strategies of what you need to do in the hours or days after you have overeaten. During 12 weeks, most clients will have family gatherings, trips & holidays away, business meals & an unpredictable schedule, the programme is to equip you on how to eat well & keep your ideal weight regardless of schedule. Long term results also come with getting support and booking a follow up appointment when you need it.

What else does the programme include?

The programme might be the cost of a holiday, yet most people would rather have 1 holiday less & overcome their issues permanently. The investment is in 16hours plus of one to one time with a weight loss dietitian and expert just focusing on YOUR goal, YOUR nutrition, and overcoming YOUR barriers to change. People often spend more money on slimming books and slimming magazines, recipe books, €10 per week memberships to slimming groups year after year, none of which is bespoke and over time works out far more expensive.

Where is the programme available?

The programme is available in person in Cork or London or can be done through video calling.

How do I pay?

If you have health insurance your consultations may be covered in full or in part. Check if your policy covers consultations with a registered dietitian.

Payment can be made in 2 or 3 installments by cash or bank transfer.

For the 12 week programme : €500 to confirm programme, €500 at week 4. €500 at week 8

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Click here to read testimonials from people who have completed this programme

Who is the programme for?
People who want to lose weight.
Especially those who have a problem with emotional eating and comfort eating.

Who is the programme not for?
1. People who want to do something extreme in the short term for the sake of a sporting goal/event and don’t care what happens afterwards.
2. Hobby dieters. Those who always try the latest diet but don’t really mind their weight.
3. Those looking for dietetic appointments relating to other conditions.
4. Those who want a BMI at the low end of below the healthy range

Why haven’t I lost weight before?
Simple answer is you weren’t ready. As long as you are using excuses or blaming weight watchers or slimming world, you’re not ready. To lose weight you need to be honest and accountable.
Also if you are not enjoying what you are eating as you lose weight or you think you’re not going to be able to eat nice things when you are slim, well then your efforts won’t last.

Does your programme work?
Yes. Reduced kcals, a healthy diet and lots of support of course causes weight loss.
But it is always up to you. It works if you work it.

But can it work long term?
Yes. The programme can give you a new way of looking at food and weight so you maintain your results.
My most successful clients keep in touch with me on an ongoing basis, especially through the hard times!
Like all medical conditions, if you have had a weight condition it will require long term follow up and monitoring.

When does it not work?
When people give up on themselves.

Do you work with teenagers?

Which diet do you use?
The great thing about being a dietitian is I’ve a big tool box of ideas and diets thanks to my qualifications.
Different ages, sexes and body types require different amounts of fat, carb, protein.
Skin and hair types differ too and its easy to spot deficiencies.
What I will be promoting is unprocessed, fresh food.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?
Dietitian is a legally protected title. It is a criminal offence to use the title without being registered with CORU. Nutritionists (although there are plenty of excellent ones) are not currently regulated, therefore you do not need any qualifications to be called a nutritionist.

Are you programmes covered by my insurance?
Probably. Check your health insurance policy.

I’ve lost weight before but it always comes back on. Why is that?
You weren’t ready to make it permanent, it wasn’t important enough. Or you entertained negative thoughts “I always put back on weight”, “I’m fat because of my genes” “I’m too old to be slim” etc

How much weight can I expect to lose during your programme?

1kg per week if you’re doing things right.

Will I be hungry?
No. You’ll be eating 3 meals and 2 snacks. There might be hunger for the first 24-48hrs as your body has not been using glycogen and fat stores to be make kcals , and is out of practice.
Good foods tend to be more filling naturally due to their high water, fibre and protein content.

What makes you think you can help me?
Because I’ve helped so many other people.

Your programme is expensive.
How many holidays do you go on where you hate your body and dread wearing swimwear?
My programme is around the price of a holiday and the outcome could be being happy with your body 24/7, 365 days per year 😀
How will I pay?
By bank transfer and 2 installments.
€1000 for 8 weeks
€1200 for 12 weeks.
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Lavitt’s Quay, Cork City

By Zoom, FaceTime & WhatsApp calling

Harley Street, London


I have just finished the three month plan with Aoife and thoroughly enjoyed it and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

It suited me perfectly as the approach is a common sense, practical one and helps change the way we view food and our relationship with it. It also helps to teach the skills going forward on eating healthily as it’s not a magic diet with a start, middle and end to the body beautiful perfect you.

Aoife’s approach is to help you change the way you view food, listen to your body and your appetite and be healthy and happy.

On a personal level, Aoife is a lovely lady as she warm, approachable, non-judgmental, supportive, practical and very kind.

Jerry, 50, Cork
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