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If you have health insurance your dietetic consultations may be reimbursed in full or in part. Check your policy for further details.

Weight Loss Programmes
Happy Weight Programme for 12 weeks €1,500
Happy Weight Programme for 8 week €1,000
Corporate Nutrition
1 hour nutrition talk at your workplace Bespoke prices available

The 12 Week Happy Weight Programme is my most popular programme and ensures the most support and success with your weight loss.

Price : €1,500

I have been cultivating and editing this programme over the last 8 years, gaining many different qualifications so I can achieve the best results with any type of client regardless of their weight or diet/weight history.

What does the programme include?

  • Initial 90minute food and mind-set consultation with bespoke folder of resources.

This will help you understand the reasons why you have not successfully been able to lose weight and keep it off long term. It will be an education on how different foods interact with your body, effecting your appetite, cravings and eating behaviours.

  • Following on from the initial consultation we will have a consultation every week for the programme and a second check in call if needed

As the focus of the programme is behavioural change and a permanent change in how you relate to food (causing weight loss), the 12-week period of implementation, support and supervision is important.

  • You will be keeping an online food diary, which we will review together on every call. Ensuring the new principles are being implemented.

You will have access to a folder of hypnosis and guided meditation recordings to help you change your mind-set. We can also, have additional one to one hypnosis/guided meditation sessions during our consultations.

Who is the Happy Weight Programme For?

My typical and ideal client is someone like (I used be):

  • tried every diet or always on a diet
  • highly anxious about their weight and weight loss
  • erratic behaviours with food: dieting and then breaking out
  • Always aiming for the “perfect” day, then being disappointed and guilty it didn’t happen. Then planning that tomorrow will be even more “perfect”.
  • Feels guilty after eating
  • Feels ashamed of their weight
  • Sometimes binge eats or secret eats
  • Believes there are good and bad foods
  • Believes they’ve a slow metabolism, can’t lose weight due to their age, body, genetics etc
  • No longer enjoying food, either on diet food or binge food.
  • Feels lost with food, weight loss. Running out of or has no motivation.

What kind of diet is it?

I no longer give clients a specific meal plan. After working with weight loss for 11 years I have seen first hand how food plans actually cause weight gain and worsen overeating.

Using my new approach, I know by reviewing food diaries that my clients now who don’t have a specific food plan actually do better than when I used work in companies with strict diets.

If you are empowered, confident and educated on how to make your own choices with food, based on your body and your schedule & supported and guided with this. Eating better becomes much easier and consistent weight loss results occur.

When highly individualised, clients feel empowered, feel physically better, enjoy food more as no longer feel restricted or guilty, lose weight and still maintain their social lives and ability to join in eating with friends and family.

I encourage a completely unique way of eating with each client based on their personal and biological needs. As well helping them build the mind-set and confidence to believe that they will get and stay at their ideal weight.

How much weight will I lose?

The average weight loss is 1lb-2lb per week.

However for some clients (myself included) a commitment to finally losing weight meant a commitment to stop doing what doesnt work : weighing yourself> feeling down> making it hard to eat well.

Not weighing yourself doesn’t mean you won’t lose weight. Weight loss is obvious in your face and clothes, and physically feeling lighter, stronger, more energetic

For other clients, who do not have any anxiety, I recommend using the scales just once per week.

Is the approach for the long term?

My whole aim of this programme is long term results.

For me it is a no brainer to stop the crash diet yoyo cycle and instead work on getting permanent and consistent results through an improved mind-set and understanding of your body.

This is not “my” approach, I’m just showing you and training you in how YOUR body and mind works. Long after the programme ends I am sure this different understanding will still be with you.

I show you the ropes of how YOUR body works and reacts to different food, and how YOUR mind works in order to create motivation, continued weight loss and a loving relationship with ALL foods.

By feeling really well, slim, healthy, confident and empowered about how yourself and how you eat, I find it really hard to believe you would go back, or even remotely tempted to go back to the old, unsuccessful, uncomfortable, dieting, overeating yoyo routine of before.

What else does the programme include?

Life-long access to the members area of my website which includes ongoing support through mind-set activity sheets, hypnotherapy recordings & recipes so you have additional support between our calls and after the programme.

Life –long access to Happy Weight® members events and webinars.


€1,500 is the total cost of the programme

Instalments of €500 in advance of every 4 weeks: €500 to confirm programme, €500 at week 4, €500 at week 8.

If you have health insurance you may be able to claim back some or all of the costs as I am a registered dietitian with a CORU and INDI registration.

Many people tell me they dread holidays because of their body, weight and eating habits.
My programme is around the price of a holiday and the outcome could be being happy with your body 24/7, 365 days per year.

Rather than staying stuck doing the same types of things over and over, mightn’t it be good to learn a more in-depth approach about YOUR mind and body so results can stick.

Where is the programme available?

During lock down all programmes talk place by Video call (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp video)

Pre and post lockdown in person appointments are available every second week of the programme.

How do I pay?

If you have health insurance your consultations may be covered in full or in part. Check if your policy covers consultations with a registered dietitian.

Payment can be made in 2 or 3 installments by cash or bank transfer.

For the 12 week programme : €500 to confirm programme, €500 at week 4. €500 at week 8

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Who is the programme for?
People who want to lose weight.
Especially those who have a problem with emotional eating and comfort eating.

Who is the programme not for?
1. People who want to do something extreme in the short term for the sake of a sporting goal/event and don’t care what happens afterwards.
2. Hobby dieters. Those who always try the latest diet but don’t really mind their weight.
3. Those looking for dietetic appointments relating to other conditions.
4. Those who want a BMI at the low end of below the healthy range

Why haven’t I lost weight before?
Simple answer is you weren’t ready. As long as you are using excuses or blaming weight watchers or slimming world, you’re not ready. To lose weight you need to be honest and accountable.
Also if you are not enjoying what you are eating as you lose weight or you think you’re not going to be able to eat nice things when you are slim, well then your efforts won’t last.

Does your programme work?
Yes. Reduced kcals, a healthy diet and lots of support of course causes weight loss.
But it is always up to you. It works if you work it.

But can it work long term?
Yes. The programme can give you a new way of looking at food and weight so you maintain your results.
My most successful clients keep in touch with me on an ongoing basis, especially through the hard times!
Like all medical conditions, if you have had a weight condition it will require long term follow up and monitoring.

When does it not work?
When people give up on themselves.

Do you work with teenagers?

Which diet do you use?
The great thing about being a dietitian is I’ve a big tool box of ideas and diets thanks to my qualifications.
Different ages, sexes and body types require different amounts of fat, carb, protein.
Skin and hair types differ too and its easy to spot deficiencies.
What I will be promoting is unprocessed, fresh food.

What is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?
Dietitian is a legally protected title. It is a criminal offence to use the title without being registered with CORU. Nutritionists (although there are plenty of excellent ones) are not currently regulated, therefore you do not need any qualifications to be called a nutritionist.

Are you programmes covered by my insurance?
Probably. Check your health insurance policy.

I’ve lost weight before but it always comes back on. Why is that?
You weren’t ready to make it permanent, it wasn’t important enough. Or you entertained negative thoughts “I always put back on weight”, “I’m fat because of my genes” “I’m too old to be slim” etc

How much weight can I expect to lose during your programme?

1kg per week if you’re doing things right.

Will I be hungry?
No. You’ll be eating 3 meals and 2 snacks. There might be hunger for the first 24-48hrs as your body has not been using glycogen and fat stores to be make kcals , and is out of practice.
Good foods tend to be more filling naturally due to their high water, fibre and protein content.

What makes you think you can help me?
Because I’ve helped so many other people.

Your programme is expensive.
How many holidays do you go on where you hate your body and dread wearing swimwear?
My programme is around the price of a holiday and the outcome could be being happy with your body 24/7, 365 days per year 😀
How will I pay?
By bank transfer and 2 installments.
€1000 for 8 weeks
€1200 for 12 weeks.
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I have just finished the three month plan with Aoife and thoroughly enjoyed it and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

It suited me perfectly as the approach is a common sense, practical one and helps change the way we view food and our relationship with it. It also helps to teach the skills going forward on eating healthily as it’s not a magic diet with a start, middle and end to the body beautiful perfect you.

Aoife’s approach is to help you change the way you view food, listen to your body and your appetite and be healthy and happy.

On a personal level, Aoife is a lovely lady as she warm, approachable, non-judgmental, supportive, practical and very kind.

Jerry, 50, Cork
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