If you have a bit (or a lot of extra weight), it’s highly unlikely you’re going to need your usual big bowl of porridge with dried fruit, chia seeds, honey & the works.

We’re not out ploughing fields all day, most of us will only be moving from sitting room, to kitchen, back to sitting room.

It will be important to wait until you are actually hungry before you have breakfast.

For some people that might mean first thing- their stomach is actually rumbling (showing a high metabolism &/or that they’re not overeating).

For others (usually me)… this might mean hooouuurs of drinking water, hot water, teas or coffee until your belly actually rumbles which might not be until 11am or even lunch.


Having low energy is a vicious circle. We feel too tired to walk, but if we went for a walk we wouldn’t feel tired.  Without exercise our brain is less sensitive to the sensation of full so it’s easier to overeat. I highly recommend walking in the rain, wind & cold that is your standard Irish day, to blow the cobwebs off. Or if you’ve got kids or weird enough adults living with you, or even alone, I highly recommend a dance party.

Sometimes my drive to exercise is because I love eating so much & it’s hard to cultivate an appetite (tummy rumbling), unless you do some exercise.

*this advice does not apply to you if you have a BMI under 20



Huggers like me are due a drop in dopamine levels/connection hormones now that we can’t hug or touch people.

Texting is not going to cut it. But we do get similar connection rewards from talking.

Aim to have at least 1 phonecall/ Factime / chin wag per day.

Also, keep in mind that looking at your phone is the same posture that you have when you feel down.

This facing down, changes your brain chemistry and makes you feel down.

Just like if you smile (even if its fake) it sends signals to your brain that you’re happy and you start feeling happier 😁

So be aware of phone usage and LOOK UP AND OUT  at the real world often 😀


Your nutritional Protectors 😎

Being the big blobs of mainly water that we are, I can’t start any nutritional advice without reminding you that water is always the main thing your health needs. Drink enough so your pee is light straw colour.

It’s not that eating junk is bad but every time you fill up on it, it’s almost like missing a meal.

Your body missed out on restocking vitamins, minerals, fibre and water and protein requirements.

Do your best to have colour in every meal (fruit & veg)

Live or Tinned or Frozen, all are good.

Having colours like green, red, orange, yellow, purple, is going to be a sign you’re getting fibre, water, iron, phytochemicals, antioxidants.

These fruit and vegetables have a huge positive effect on your gut flora, which in turn can have a positive effect on your immune system.

Lean proteins and especially white fish and shellfish will be high in protein, low in fat and contain a lot of trace elements. They can keep you healthy and lean.

Have good quality red meat like a steak or burger once every 2 weeks (or government recommends 1 per week). Have it with a high vitamin C food like peppers or a glass of orange juice, and a non haem iron like broccoli, to help absorb the iron from the meat.

Oily fish (any fish that’s not white e.g. trout, salmon, fresh tuna, mackerel) is anti-inflammatory and would be great to have 1-2 per week.

Vitamin D is also important for your immune system present in dairy foods, meat and fish. It can only be found in fat. That’s why its so important to have enough fat in your diet. The recommendations for dairy products are 2-3 per day, that is a small glass of milk, a 120g yogurt or a small square of cheese. (However people with a low weight or certain conditions might need a LOT more)


Love and hugs!