A Food Lover’s Guide to Christmas

Do you have trouble avoiding massive weight gain over Christmas?

Join the club!

Christmas is definitely about having your Christmas Cake and eating it! It would be miserable and pointless to try not to.

Being slim long term means not doing faddy things with food, not being on a strict unrealistic diet or overexercising when you should be on the couch with your family etc.

But having a complete blow out and feeling like a whale on January 1st is not much fun either.

This talk has been developed to give you tools and strategies so you can independently design your own dietary management over Christmas. Making sure you keep in the yummy stuff you love, but keeping a lid on the overdoing it “I-might-as-well-be-hung-for-a-sheep-as-a-lamb” calories. It will be a fun, informative talk.

See you there!?

– Aoife Deane

  • Date: Saturday 23rd November
  • Time: 11am – 12pm
  • Venue: Republic of Work, 12 South Mall, Cork City
  • Introductory Price: €5

Irish Heart Foundation Heart Failure Support

The Irish Heart Foundation have recently launched their Heart Failure Support Group in the Cork Area.

I am delighted to be their guest speaker.

My talk will cover dietary advice for heart failure patients.

It will be a relaxed, informal evening. See you there!

– Aoife Deane

  • Date: Thursday 14th November 2019
  • Time: 7.30pm – 9pm
  • Venue: Ennismore Retreat & Conference Centre, Cork City
  • Price: Free

Lecture on Diabetes, Mater Private Hospital, Cork

As the previous lead dietitian in the Mater Hospital Cork, I am always delighted to be back with my colleagues there.

Dr James Ryan Consultant Endocrinologist is hosting this free information evening on Diabetes. For both Insulin dependant and non insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetes patients and their carers.

I’m looking forward to providing useful dietary tips, advice and answering your questions.

See you there!

– Aoife Deane

  • Date: Thursday 11th November 2019
  • Time: 7pm – 9pm
  • Venue: Mater Private Hospital, Cork
  • Price: Free


Aoife is an energetic professional who creates whole shifts in the way we think about food. I have never been hungry since I met with Aoife and I have lost 9kg in 10weeks. More important than the weight loss is the way I approach food now and the enjoyment I get out of eating clean and the benefits and achievements that follow!!

Paul, Bantry