Firstly, I love Adele. I’m not having a go at her.

It must be awful being famous & commented on all the time.

&I would have happily sold my soul to the devil in my early 20’s to lose a bit of weight so I get being desperate😅

& I’m not saying she shouldn’t have lost weight. If her excess weight was only there because of comfort eating, that’s like telling an alcoholic he should embrace hangovers rather than get help.

Adele lost 7 stone and so my beef is with the comments made by her weight loss coach & how she did it:

“Her whole focus during the weight loss journey has been all about how she can be healthier and how she can treat her body better.  It was never about losing weight”

Ammm, what!?

1 year of juicing and/ or 1,000kcals per day (which is reportedly what she done) means she’s completely malnourished (& you can see that by her skin and hair).It’s a farce to say it wasn’t about losing weight, that’s the only reason to starve yourself & compromise your future health.

There is nothing more cruel than restricting your body of dietary fat😔

FAT IS A WOMAN’S SUPERPOWER!  Woman Superhero on Apple iOS 13.3 

60% of our brains are fat

It is what gives us our curves 🍑

It is what gives us soft, radiant skin & glossy, shiny hair.

It’s how we can have babies.

A healthy woman’s body can be 1/3 fat (versus a healthy man’s body is only 1/5th fat)

Fat & Oestrogen are best friends in a woman’s body & depend on each other 👭

Oestrogen directs fat to set up shop on a woman’s hips, bums & thighs. This is ideal for slow conversion of fat to energy over longer periods of time. Perfect for 9 months of pregnancy & X amount of time breast feeding

Men tend to store fat mainly on their tummies. This is for quick conversion of fat to energy. Perfect if you need to go from 0 to 9mph/hr to run after supper! 🐗🗡


Oestrogen is produced in our body fat. So when fat intake or stores are low, oestrogen levels are effected.

With rapid fat loss, our periods stop as the body is in chaos without it’s most vital nutrient, hardly a good time to conceive.

We cannot absorb Fat Soluble Vitamins A,D,E,K – if we don’t eat fat.

Vitamin K – is needed to heal wounds and injuries, create strong bones and clot blood every time you get a cut.

(Sources: green leafy veg, vegetable oils, fish, meat, eggs)

Vitamin E is a protector of cells from damage, helps prevent inflammation (swelling), increases your immune system and helps eye sight. (Sources: oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, fish)

Vitamin D – for healthy teeth and strong bones that don’t get fractured. Important for your immune system. (Sources: oily fish like smoked salmon, eggs, fat spreads, breakfast cereals)

Vitamin A – strengthens your immune system against infections, helps vision, keeps skin healthy. (Sources: cheese, eggs, oily fish, milk, fortified spreads, yoghurt)

So without enough fat we can get brittle bones & osteopenia (Gwyneth Paltrow), unhealthy teeth, wounds take ages to heal, we become more prone to sickness and that’s just a few side effects.

When someone has been on a low fat and low protein diet it is visible. Collagen/skin proteins are broken down and in combination with less fat makes skin look prematurely aged, wrinkled & dry. With less protein & fat, hair becomes dry & brittle looking.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy weight loss is quite simple.

I have attached some of my clients before and after results. It is normal to lose 5stone/30kg in a year and become far healthier, stronger & more energetic. Healthy weight loss makes you look & feel younger!

  • It makes you stronger, promotes your bone mass, muscle mass & therefore increase your metabolism.
  • Your body is more nourished because of the diet.
  • Because you maintained your metabolism, rapid fat regain is prevented.

Unhealthy weight loss is the opposite.

The body becomes metabolically older (& skin looks it too)

When you lose weight drastically your body tries to preserve fat so you lose more muscle & bone. This increases your % fat mass & lowers your metabolism, making it harder to keep weight off in the future.

So I hope I have deterred you from doing anything too Crazy this January or ever!! And shown you how vital to your brilliance dietary fat is!

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