Having a BIG appetite is something to be really proud about 😎
And has nothing to do with being prone to weight gain.

If your belly rumbles, you get hungry & angry= hangry sometimes, that is a great sign! 😃You are Healthy!! Your metabolism is burning through the food you are giving it.
It is all your muscles, bones and organs aka YOUR METABOLISM shouting I NEED GRUB!!

(Weight gain is different to what happens when you’re answering hunger. Weight gain is eating when you are not hungry such as continuous grazing on “good” food & continuing to eat when you already feel full)

Nutritionally we need to understand that REAL HUNGER (aka belly rumbling) is your body looking for REAL FOOD : stuff that occurs naturally.
Stuff that occurs naturally has what our body needs & once we get what we need our brain will tell us STOP EATING!
But if you’re hungry and start eating crackers, jellies, crisps, ice cream, overly fried, sugary or processed foods don’t be surprised if you eat a disgusting amount. No matter how much of it you eat , your body STILL has not received the nutrients it was looking for! Or the nutrients (fibre, water, protein) which help signal fullness.

So here is your belly rumbling action plan  😀
Like they do in mainland Europe and used do in Ireland… start off with a big soup or a big salad.
This creates BULK, FIBRE, WATER and therefore ticks the first box of what our body needs.
Then make sure there is PROTEIN, FAT and CARBS in your main meal. It is pretty hard to leave one of those out without feeling FOMO.
That’s why traditional meals in every country are always based on starch & meat/fish & veg.
Also drink loads of water between meals to curb fake hunger caused by dehydration
If you like finishing a meal with a sweet taste then if 0 is hungry and 10 is full. Stop eating at around 8/9 to leave room for sweet.

Feel free to completely not do this when a social situation calls you to eat a big ol lovely slice of cake instead of dinner. You can catch up on necessary nutrients the next time you get hungry 🙂